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Air Traffic Control

The Air Traffic Control department is one of the most active and experienced departments on the lucaas Flight Simulator. We are there to ensure all air traffic is and remains safe on the airport as well as in the air, all while the pilots feel comfortable at our hands.

The job of an Air Traffic Controller is not easy, and won’t ever be, especially on our server with the great amount of traffic we have. However, with our detailed training, as well as our experienced instructors, you’ll be able to achieve a professional Air Traffic Controller standard with ease!

With this however, it is unrealistic to think this is something you can do in a few days, the training is based on realistic procedures, and you’ll need to be willing to learn, if you aren’t, this might be the wrong department for you. In the ATC department you’ll find an experienced and great team leading the department with passion in aviation.

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Ground Crew

Ground Crew is one of the most important Departments on lucaas Flight Simulator, Need refueling? Need Cargo or Passenger Boarding, Ground Crew will be on their way!

We are here to make sure your aircraft can travel around San Andreas safely and securely. We ensure that our Pilots come again and again requesting multiple services each and every day. With new procedures coming out. We ensure our satisfaction is always at 100%.

Don't feel like doing Regular Ground Crew? Well, come and join our new Military Ground Crew. With new services now at FZMB and ACCR we are expanding like never before. In the Ground Crew Department, we ensure 3 things. Pilots Satisfaction, Our members having fun and Improving the department each and every day.

So what are you waiting for to come and experience the thrilling side of helping Aircraft out and boosting up your Aviation knowledge.

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Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force is the oldest Air Force in the world, founded in 1918. The RAF has an unlimited number of roles in the server, from intercepting and interrogating hostile and hijacked aircraft, to transporting cargo and VIPs from A to B.

We also have a RAF Police Force, who are there to protect the aircraft and air bases.

With experienced Flight Instructors, and some of the Strictest protocols in the world, it is not for the Faint of Heart. You will find a sense of brotherhood in the RAF, flying with your brothers all day every day to protect the skies above Los Santos, something you will not be able to find in any other department. The RAF is truly unique and special. Enlist Today!

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Civilian Department [Closed]

This department has been closed.

Applications are currently closed

Join the backend

Want to staff around or help the server with liveries, development and events?
Have a look at the teams that make the server run smoothly

LFS Public Relations [Closed]

The Public Relations team is a group of people organizing special events and interactive activities for our community.

To be a PR Member you have to be dedicated to help out LFS and make the server a better place for everyone. PR Members work closely with the Head of PR and come with event suggestions.
If the event gets approved, the PR member will host it and be the leader of that specific event.

Applications are currently closed

LFS Graphical Design

Livery Design has always been an essential part of LFS. Have you ever wondered who makes those liveries that you have paid for? Well, it surely was one of our graphical designers.

The GFX team takes the time to create Requested Liveries by the people of LFS and we are the only department that gives people rewards based of their work for the department.

Are you interested in joining but you lack some designer skills?
No worries, our training program will help you become a pro designer in no time! Each Livery can range in length of time of which it takes to make, from 20 minutes to 6 hours.

We also prioritise the people who donate and support LFS, and give them a quality check before we show the Donor to make sure you as a customer get the best results. Then we just send livery to our Developers and you can enjoy it in game!

Applications are currently closed

LFS Developer

The development team is searching for a wide variety of different skills to add to our team.
The development team is for people who have experience in Web development, Discord bot development, FiveM map development, script development, FiveM vehicle development or Graphics development and have the motivation to complete given tasks in a certain period of time. For other skills or inquiries, make a ticket in our discord.

Applications are currently closed

LFS Staff Team

The Staff department is the most needed department for the lucaas Flight Simulator. We ensure that everyone is having a great time on the server and can enjoy playing.

In the staff team you can also learn quite a lot for your life, there’s much from gaining friends till to learn how to be fair with everyone!

Being a staff member is sometimes not easy, however our big “family” with members from all around the world, will always be able to make you feel a bit better, in good and bad times.

If you think that you are good at helping people, dealing with players and would love to gain some experience in several topics, consider applying for staff!

Applications are currently closed