Getting started on LFS

Downloading FiveM

To get started you need to download FiveM. FiveM is a modification to GTA V which let's you play on custom servers with custom made mods. To be able to run FiveM you need a legitimate version of GTA V downloaded on your computer. You can download FiveM here by pressing the button on the right.
Read the Terms of Service. After you have read the ToS, press I Agree. After you have installed FiveM, open up FiveM. When setting up FiveM you will be prompted to set the folder which contains GTA V.

Finding your GTA V folder on Steam

Go to SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > Grand Theft Auto V

Finding your GTA V folder on Epic Games

Go to Epic Games > Grand Theft Auto V

Then FiveM will ask you to update your FiveM game cache, press yes.
After the game cache has been updated, FiveM is downloaded and ready to go.

Connecting to the server

There are two different ways to connect to the server. The first one is connecting by searching up lucaas Flight Sim. The second one is used when the first method is not working or you are having issues with connecting.

Connect via the FiveM server list

Open FiveM, press on Play, and then type lucaas Flight Sim, and look for lucaas Flight Simulator. Then press connect

Direct connecting

Open FiveM, press F8, then enter connect

Before you play

Before you start playing you should know it is mandatory to have read the LFS Terms of Service. If you are breaking rules you will also be punished by staff, even if you haven't read the ToS. If you see someone breaking rules you can report them here.
The server is heavily focused on voice chat, you can turn this on in settings. To open the general menu, press F1. In there you can spawn planes, change your character, change frequencies. You should also know you can Noclip by pressing F2. You can see all keybinds here.

Spawning a plane

We have over 250 different custom planes on our server. To spawn a plane, Noclip (F2) to an available gate. Go to F1 Menu > Related Options > Vehicle Spawner > Addon Vehicles > Planes. Then spawn the plane that you wish to fly. It is important that you are in Noclip (F2) when you are spawning the plane to not disturb others. Then line the plane up on the gate. Press F2 to turn noclip off and you are almost ready to fly.

Contacting ATC

Before you can start taking to the skies you will have to contact ATC. ATC stands for Air Traffic Controller and is controlling all the traffic on the airport. ATC's are not always online and the procedures when ATC is online and offline are different. You can see if ATC is online on the airport you are at on the ATC status on the bottom left. We have a detailed document on how to contact ATC. You can find it here. When ATC is Offline it is called, Unicom. Then you will have to state what you are going to do in the ATC frequency, you don't need to request it.