lucaas Flight Simulator is a Grand Theft Auto 5/ FiveM Flight Simulator.

1. Direct Connect
- Open FiveM
- Press F8
- Enter in connect
2. Server List
- Open FiveM
- Press PLAY
- Search lucaas or Flight Sim
- Find lucaas Flight Simulator
- Hit Connect
YouTube Tutorial

- Use your F2 key to go to a gate or parking spot
- Open your F1 Menu
- Go to Vehicle Related Options
- Go to Vehicle Spawner
- Go to Addon Vehicles
- Go to Planes
- Spawn a plane of your choice

F1 - Main Menu
F2 - Toggle NoClip Mode, use Shift to change speed
F3 - Open the emote menu
F8 - FiveM Console
1 - Toggle GPWS Callouts
2 - Enable Reverse Thrust
3 - Disable Reverse Thrust
4 - Toggle Taxi Speed
5 - Toggle Carrier Hook
7 - Toggle Radar in Compatible Planes
U (In a vehicle) - Turn the engine on/off
U (Outside a vehicle) - Toggle ragdoll

At this time we are seeing some texture loss for some people on the server. Majority of it is people with slower PC's, but sometimes it is Server Sided. There are a few tricks to avoid the majority of the texture loss. You can turn down your textures to Normal in Settings. You can open Task Manager, and set FiveM to High Priority, and lower other visual effects in your Settings tab.

If you have a client side issue with your FiveM, you can clear your cache to sometimes solve your issue.
- Find FiveM on your Desktop
- Right click, and select Open File Location
- Open FiveM Application Data
- Delete the folder cache and the file cache.xml
- Done!

Go to #💬|ticket in our discord, find the topic that you need help within, then react to the message.

There is a guide at that can tell you how to contact Air Traffic Control. You can access it here.

All of the donation information is in #💵|information in our discord.

Yes you can, lucaas plays here when he can, and makes all of his FiveM content at LFS now.

If you see someone in discord or in game breaking the ToS, then you can report them by making a ticket under the section Report in our discord. You can also report staff members by doing the same.

The ToS can be found here. Make sure you read it thoroughly before you start playing.

When there is not a current Air Traffic Controller at an airport, the airport is put into Unicom. That means the pilots rely on each other, and call out when they are taking off, landing, and clear of the runways. When using unicom, make sure you are in the right frequency.

You can apply for any department on our departments page. After you have applied the department heads will look over your application and either accept or deny you. You can find application results in 📄|results in our discord.

No, at this time you can only play with a PC, and not an Xbox, or PlayStation.

lucaas is a YouTuber with over 1 Million subscribers focused on Aviation content, and one of the three founders at LFS. He mainly makes content here rather than managing it.

To find an airport chart, go to #📈|charts in our discord.

For your first time playing, it takes some time for your PC to download all of our aircraft, and spawn them. Once you have spawned a few though, they will start going in faster, if it takes exceptionally longer, try leaving and joining back. If you have further issues, create a ticket in our discord.

To become a staff member here at LFS, you can go to #📄|applications and apply. You will see your application status in #📄|results. If you do not see your application there within 2 weeks, please make a ticket in our discord.

We have the full Cayo Perico island as well as the airport included! Teleport to it ingame via /cayo

If you do not have a microphone, you can still contact ATC! Simply use the chat to ask for a clearance, taxi, and takeoff! Use for example /atc N1234 requesting takeoff RWY 30R when asking for takeoff.

You can donate from 10-28 Euros for a VA, for more details, read #💵|information in our discord.

If it does not open the first time within 30 seconds, wait a bit more. If it does not work or load in after a few more minutes, but on the bottom right you see a pop-up, close FiveM, then join the server again. If that does not work, try Clearing your Cache. If you do not know how to clear your cache, read the Q&A above!

If you have been waiting on the loading screen for more than 10 minutes, close your game, and then try again. If the issue continues, try clearing your cache. If it still continues, open a ticket in our discord for further support on the issue!